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Shreyas Bakshi, Innovation Wor(k)shipper,
has nearly 35 years of experience in diverse roles on innovation in a wide variety of domains and contexts.

Over the last decade he has facilitated leaders of 100+ organisations to

  • Identify game-changing product, service & business offerings
  • Transform process efficiencies by
    ~50% and more
  • Institutionalise innovation culture to add ~10% additional profits
  • Build a pipeline of opportunities to turnaround, future-proof, gain market-share etc.

This was achieved by enabling 2500+ people who

  • Generated at least 2x more solutions than other approaches
  • Voluntarily raised their goals/ targets/ aspirations
  • Enhanced collaboration within and across teams
  • Imbibed the approach and enabled others to apply it

A glimpse of his approach, experiences and impact are documented in

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